Why choosing a safe cryotherapy solution is so important

Whole-body-cryotherapy (WBC-T*) and whole-body-stimulation (WBC-S**) is growing rapidly in popularity with new centres being installed for sports, rehabilitation, wellness and the beauty market. And, in cryotherapy, as it is our body that is in direct contact with extreme temperatures, a safe cryotherapy solution is something we need to pay special attention to.


Safety is an absolute must when your body is in contact with extreme temperatures

And as it is our body that is in direct contact with extreme temperatures, safety is something we need to pay special attention to.


Recently, researchers have been referring to safety in their studies about WBC-T and WBC-S, for example:


In the article published in 2016 by Romain Bouzigon, “Whole- and partial-body cryostimulation/cryotherapy: Current technologies and practical applications”, (Ref 1) he mentions several safety aspects to be taken into consideration:

  • The importance of using a safe devise
  • Indirect technology in the equipment
  • Treatment customization using validated protocols
  • Integration of personal characteristics


J. Costello (Ref 2) and the PolarFit® Care team in the study, “It is pivotal that practitioners are familiarized with the ‘thermodynamics’ of different therapeutic or stimulation modalities” published in 2012, refer to the role of the operators. This study says that whenever a treatment session is given, the operator should have a good understanding of:

  • Aspects of the science of cryotherapy
  • The laws of physics in relation to the used technology
  • The physiological responses of the body
  • The safety guidelines of the used device


PolarFit® Care, our unique, safe and the only customised solution for whole-body-cryotherapy and whole-body-cryostimulation, addresses the safety concerns of researchers.

  • It uses indirect technology. What this means is that the nitrogen used to cool down the unit is NOT in direct contact with the skin, avoiding the risks of asphyxia or burns.
  • PolarFit® Care has gone through a rigorous process to validate all treatment protocols, which has resulted in a WBC solution which is completely tailor made for each individual.
  • PolarFit® Care is certified to IEC 82304-1 as Health Software and regulated in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Anthropometric characteristics, body mass index, known to influence thermal transfer in humans subjected to cold, gender characteristics, etc… are also considered to determine individualised and customised treatments.


So, what should be the role of the operators?

But what about the ‘operators’ of WBC units, also called practitioners? Persons in charge of the unit also provide support and guidance to the patient, athlete or client during sessions. As J. Costello mentions in his article, should the operators be familiar with thermodynamics for your safety? Or should they even be licensed health care providers?


The answer is not really. However, the operator should have at least enough knowledge to operate treatment sessions in a safe and supportive way.


The operator should not only know the ‘benefits’ of whole-body-cryotherapy treatments, but he should know and recognise when a treatment session may not be appropriate; a knowledge of contra-indications.


PolarFit® Care comes with a certified educational program, specific for the operator of each market. Each PolarFit Care treatment session for therapy or stimulation is always supervised by such a ‘Certified PolarFit® Care Practitioner’. It guarantees that each patient, athlete or client undergoes a safe cryotherapy solution that meets all safety standards.


PolarFit® Care truly believes that education of the operator or supervisor of each WBC-T or WBC-S session is not only essential for safety, it increases the positive effect of each session.


Choosing a safe cryotherapy solution is IMPORTANT!



* WBC-T session – the aim is to have a positive effect on the healing process of an individual (patient) with a specific condition. 

**WBC-S session is to create a supportive effect for a specific condition of an individual, without aiming for such a healing effect.


Reference titles:

Ref n°. 1- Bouzigon, R., Grappe, F., Ravier, G. & Dugue, B. Whole- and partial-body cryostimulation/cryotherapy: Current technologies and practical applications. J. Therm. Biol. 61, 67–81 (2016).

Ref nº. 2. Costello, J. T., Culligan, K., Selfe, J. & Donnelly, A. E. Muscle, skin and core temperature after -110°c cold air and 8°c water treatment. PLoS ONE 7, e48190 (2012).

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